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Cheap Apartment in Hialeah: 8 Hidden Costs of a Cheap Rental Apartment vs a Nice Apartment Complex in Hialeah

8 Hidden Costs of a

Cheap Apartment in Hialeah

When looking for a new apartment in Hialeah, FL, you will probably find different types of apartments. Cheap apartments cost more than the rent.


When you're looking for a new apartment in Hialeah, FL, you will probably find three different types of apartments to choose from. There are the penthouse apartments, basically rental condos with luxury amenities at a luxury price. There are modest, well-maintained apartments that are about as nice as your average rental home. Then there are discount shabby apartments with low rent, but also low amenities and often suffer from poor building maintenance.

Making your choice, it can be tempting to veer toward Hialeah's lower rents. You think "I can tough it out in a cheap apartment for a year or two", and you're right, of course. You might enjoy saving a little money on rent for your savings or even to live a more involved life outside the home. But what most new apartment renters don't realize are the hidden costs of a cheap apartment in the area of Hialeah. Take it from those who have direct experience on both sides of the line, cheap apartments cost more than the rent. Here are the top eight costs that your discount apartment manager won't tell you about:

1. Cheap Apartments Require Deep Cleaning When You Move In

The first cost is cleaning. Chances are that you are a relatively clean and tidy person. You want walls that are all the same color and a carpet that doesn't stick to your shoes. In a discount apartment, the cleaning between tenants is often minimal, not enough to make the place feel fresh - or even safe to sleep in, on the day you move in. If you're like us, you'll find yourself with a soap-filled sponge and a rented steam cleaner before you feel comfortable putting down the first box in many of the cheaper apartments found in the Hialeah area.

2. Cheap Apartments Have High Power and Water Bills

What about your utilities? Unless they are wrapped up in the low rent, you'll be paying for electricity and water at a minimum. Now, how efficient are your fixtures? If the sink drips, that's your water bill increasing one drip at a time. Hidden leaks can be even worse. If the windows aren't sealed and your apartment gets too hot or cold with the outside temperature, this means the bills for your HVAC are also likely to be through the roof.

3. Cheap Apartments Bring Extra Fees and Fines for Everything

Property managers offer low rent often get their money in other ways. Fees and fines are common in discount apartment complexes because they feed into revenue without officially raising the rent. Depending on the building, you can expect fines for making noise, putting out holiday decorations, having a pet, cooking food that is too fragrant, or parking slightly over your designated spot line.

4. Cheap Apartments' DIY Home Security

Most cheap apartments for rent in Hialeah make a show of security but don't actually watch the tapes or keep the gates locked. If you want to feel safe at home, it may be necessary to invest in your own DIY home security with webcams, motion sensors, and free-standing smart doorbell technology. Locks, cameras, and monitoring cost you in time, money, or both to ensure your apartment remains intruder-free.

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5. Cheap Apartments have Old Fridges That Let Food Spoil

Did you know even the refrigerator in a cheap apartment can cost you money? Old fridges in old units are often on their last legs and may not have had the coils cleaned in years. When your fridge is inefficient, it uses more electricity and keeps your food less (or unevenly) cold. This ruins food, costing you more in groceries as your milk sours too fast on the bottom shelf and your tomatoes freeze in the drawer from uneven and inefficient cooling.

6. Cheap Apartments Come With Damaged Furniture from Ceiling Leaks

Some cheap apartments are so poorly maintained (and requests for repairs ignored) that your furniture is damaged from leaks dripping through the ceiling. This happens when an upstairs neighbor has a flooding bathroom or broken pipe that has not been repaired. You might come out of your cheap apartment short a couch and other mold-susceptible furniture that has been dripped on or otherwise ruined.

7. Cheap Apartments Have Shorted Security Deposits

Cheap apartment buildings often don't respect the security deposit procedure. Many plan outright to keep some or most of your security deposit and use the shabby condition of the apartment to suppose you caused damage during your stay. Some also use things like doorknobs that come off in your hand and sink faucets that crack when you turn them on to be justifiable to take your security deposit. That's one month's rent gone when it comes time to move out, no matter how well you clean on your way out the door.

8. Cheap Apartments Quality of Sleep and Quality of Life

Lastly, a cheap apartment costs you in sleep and quality of life. This may not feel like a monetary cost until you're sluggish at work or find yourself spending more to stay away from home instead of spending low-cost pleasant evenings on your couch watching movies and Zooming with friends.

When you are debating between a cheap apartment and a nice apartment complex in Hialeah, FL, don't just look at the rent amount and number of bedrooms. Take a closer look at the hidden costs and what that year in your next apartment will really be like for your finances and your sanity. To find a great apartment in Hialeah that offers a pleasant home experience for a modest, predictable price, contact us today!