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It’s a big city with a small-town heart, Hialeah named ‘the city of progress’ is not just a city, It’s a feeling. It’s a sense of nostalgia and community. Hialeah represents the American dream, ever evolving art, literature, and even cutting-edge creative chefs are making a difference. An arts district that forms spontaneously and achieves critical mass without city planning. The Leah Arts District, a four-block area on East 11th Avenue between 13th and 17th street is home to studios by artists, street murals and outdoor festivals.

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Shoma Village Retail Area Rendering

Find yourself in Hialeah, walking around our curated high end stores, and encounter a new and exciting culinary and entertainment experience called Shoma Bazaar!

A New & ExcitingCulinary & Entertainment Experience

Debuting a new drinking and dining destination, Shoma Bazaar is a beautifully designed food hall concept and entertainment space, where culinary worlds collide in a hub of unique flavors and flair. Shoma Bazaar will bring a vibrant pulse to Hialeah, featuring an array of the South Florida’s top food venues plus a Biergarten and, a bar, showcasing an expansive cocktail selection. The stunning venue perfectly merges delicious cuisines, cocktails and entertainment with a seat for all.