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Hialeah Rental Home: Why Renting Cheap is Not Always the Best Option

Hialeah Rental Home:

Why Renting Cheap is Not Always the Best Option

Affordability is good, but unfortunately, there are also some really good reasons why some homes ask for a very low rent.


As housing prices go up, many people are now looking for the lowest-cost housing options on the market. During the post-pandemic real estate boom, the value of many neighborhoods skyrocketed which pushed the cost of rent upward. We know this has been a stressful time for many families whose income has not reflected the increase in costs. However, it's also important not to let your standards for safety or quality of life slip in the search for an affordable apartment or rental home.

Affordability is good, but unfortunately, there are also some really good reasons why some homes ask for a very low rent. When there are issues of safety, maintenance, or quality, don't overlook a home's flaws for the low price tag. You are making plans that will affect the health and security of your family. You need clean air to breathe, windows that lock, a ceiling that stays above your head, and to feel safe walking from where you park to the front door of your home. Any home that does not meet these essential requirements (and other practical details like working appliances and non-leaky plumbing) will not make a good home for you or your family.

Today, we're here to talk about why renting cheap is not always your best option - and how to identify both good and bad rental properties on the affordable housing market.

The Three Pillars of a Good Rental Home

  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Quality

When choosing a home, there are three things that matter above all else. The first is safety: is your family safe to live in the home and spend time in the neighborhood near the home? Are the sockets likely to throw sparks? Do the windows lock? Are the handrails secure? Is there dangerous mold growing in the air vents or carpet pad?

The second is maintenance. Does someone do repairs and improvements every year? Do the windows rattle? Does the roof sag? Do the tap handles come off in your hands, or does the toilet clog constantly? If you called for a repair, would it be addressed quickly, and would you be charged? These are important questions to ask.

The last is quality. What would your quality of living be in the home? Would you be comfortable? Able to relax? Or would maintenance and security issues, bad smells, and noisy neighbors keep you from enjoying your home?

Red Flags for Cheap Rental Properties

Why are cheap rental properties sometimes a bad choice? The lower the rent, the lower the budget the owner has to keep the property in good condition. This means that there's a big difference between an affordable cost-balanced rental home that sees regular repairs and a bargain-basement apartment with stained carpets and half-broken plumbing. You can find some great affordable homes out there, but first, know which apartments not to choose.

  • Trash around the outside of the property
  • No "whoosh" when you open the door
  • Wobbly plumbing - toilets, faucets, shower head
  • Bad or musty smell in the air
  • Loud air conditioning or dirty air filter
  • Door handles and window panes that rattle
  • Carpet that is not its original color
  • Walls clearly scuffed or damaged from the last tenant
  • Old and unmaintained appliances
  • Sagging or clearly damaged roof
  • Paper rent payments only
  • No tenant portal or route to request repairs
  • Neighbors you can hear during your walkthrough
  • Bad reviews for the property, owner, or manager from past tenants
  • Inaccessible parts of the house
  • Broken or stuck drawers and cabinets

How do you know when you've walked into an apartment or rental home that is too cheap for your family? The price might be right, and the photos may have been nice, but you can almost always spot a nightmare listing if you visit in person. There are details in every rental that will tell you just how much the landlord cares about the property and tenants based on the level of maintenance paid to the house.

A house with no "whoosh" when you open the door may have poor insulation. If the walls haven't been repainted, the landlord may skip other maintenance tasks during turnover between tenants, and if the carpet crunches under your feet or if door knobs and handles rattle when you touch them: bad news. If you can see the roof is damaged from a distance or see sunlight in the attic: also bad news.

Paper payments and no tenant portal also mean you are more likely to accidentally submit rent late and there may not be an easy way to request repairs when they are needed.

Trust Your Instincts

Even if you don't come away with a checklist of red flags, trust your instincts. If a house gives you a feeling of being scary, unhealthy, or uneasy, walk away. Often, your instincts are translating subtle messages from your senses. Your nose might say "I think I smell mold" and your ears might say "Is that the sound of neighbors fighting next door?" Your feet might say "This floor doesn't feel clean" and your instincts will often "figure it out" before the logical part of your brain.

Signs of a Good Rental Community

What makes a good rental home compared to a bad one? There are plenty of low-cost homes that are beautifully maintained by people who care about the property and the tenants who live there. You just have to know the signs of an attentive and dedicated team to find a rental home that is truly safe, welcoming, and of good quality for your family.

  • The "whoosh" When you open the front door.
  • All fixtures and plumbing are both secure and clean
  • The carpet looks and feels clean
  • Fresh coat of paint
  • Quiet parking areas and happy neighbors
  • Outdoor security features
  • Property management company and online tenant portal
  • Clearly defined ways to request repairs

The signs of a well-maintained home are hard to miss. It will smell right, feel right, and you will be hard-pressed to find any signs of damage.  Be sure to check all handles, and inside cabinets, and peek at the appliances. You can often tell if a space has been cared for or neglected by looking past the fresh coat of paint. But a fresh coat of paint is a good sign, as well.

The Property Manager Has a Rigorous Selection Process

One interesting sign that you've found a reliable rental home is the rigor of the screening process. Landlords and property managers who care about maintaining the property are also more careful about who they approve to live there. This ensures not only that your property managers care, but also that apartment neighbors will be carefully screened as well.

The History of the Property Owner & Tenant Experiences

Look up the reviews online for any given apartment building. You'll find stories from past and current tenants about the quality of the building and the local property management. Good stories and glowing reviews are great signs.

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