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Hunting an Apartment in Hialeah: The Good or Bad Signs

Hunting an Apartment in Hialeah:

The Good or Bad Signs

You can watch for a few clear signs that will tell you if your future apartment in Hialeah will be a warm and homey place to live...


Hunting for an apartment in Hialeah is an interesting adventure into local real estate. You see the full range from local homeowners and condo-owners with a spare house to rent and industrial apartment companies looking to fill a vacancy. Everyone is unique and therefore has their own idea of an ideal rental unit. You might be looking for a studio apartment near the Metrorail line or a spacious three-bedroom to share with family.

But no matter what features, style, or location you're looking for, there are a few objective ways to tell a good rental unit from a bad rental unit. A good rental unit is a home that feels spacious, that is well-maintained, insulated, and secure. A bad rental unit is anywhere that is shabby or poorly managed enough that you'll be planning to move out before lease-end.

You can watch for a few clear signs that will tell you if your future apartment in Hialeah will be a warm and homey place to live or somewhere you'll plan to leave swiftly after moving in.

Warning Signs of a Bad Apartment in Hialeah

You can often tell a bad rental unit as soon as you walk in the door, but sometimes the signs are hidden. Your back brain may tell you the place is unsafe or in poor shape before your front brain spots the first clear signs. Subtle discoloration, sour smells, old appliances, and other little signs tell you when a place just can't or won't feel like home. Watch out for signs that the building and the units are not well managed, and if your landlord would respond to repair calls should something go wrong.

Loose Doorknobs and Windows

You can tell a home that is poorly maintained by the doorknobs and windows. If the outer apertures rattle, the home isn't well insulated or safe from home invaders. It's also a sign that the landlord isn't tightening and repairing the units between tenants.

Mold and/or Discoloration

Watch for signs of growth or water damage anywhere in the apartment. Check corners, bathroom grout, walls, ceilings, and carpets. Sour smells and discolored areas are a bad sign.

Ancient or Leaky Fixtures

Old appliances and fixtures can be just fine but are more likely to have problems. Check the taps and appliances for quality before signing a lease. Ask when the appliances were last installed and if there's been any trouble with them. After all, these appliances define your lifestyle if you take the apartment in Hialeah.

No Hot Water

Run the kitchen's hot water tap. how long does it take to get hot? How hot does it get? This will give you a quick insight into the power (or lack thereof) of the water heater. The water heater is one of the most overlooked let-downs of a bad rental unit.

Unsafe Staircases or Hallways

If the building doesn't feel safe when you walk up, don't trust the unit either. You need to live in a place where you feel safe, and where the railings are tightly fastened. Whether the atmosphere or the state of repair bothers you, you deserve to feel safe between your car and your front door, and that your building or neighborhood is a safe place to live.

Hostile or Noisy Neighbors

Finally, if there are signs that the immediate neighbors are going to be a problem during your tour, shuffle that apartment to the bottom of your list. Sometimes, even a great apartment can become "bad" with the wrong nearby neighbors.

Signs of a Good Quality Apartment in Hialeah

For all the tales of bad rental homes, there are also thousands of beautiful apartments in Hialeah available that are in excellent condition and are managed by good, attentive people. You'll know an especially good quality rental unit when everything comes together. Your inner ear can tell you if the home is well-insulated against temperature and sound transmission. New appliances, fresh paint on the walls, good security, and tight windows are all great signs that you've found a rental home worth applying for.

Security for Building and Grounds

When you first arrive, take note of the security measures. Are there gates, codes, and cameras? Does the apartment building feel safe around the stairwells and hallways? If so, this is a good sign.

Fresh Paint and Clean Carpets

Good property managers repair and deep-clean apartments before inviting new tenant applications. A fresh coat of paint and freshly cleaned carpets says the unit is taken care of and you are much less likely to find mold or damage in the home.

New Fixtures and a Modern Kitchen

New fixtures and a kitchen designed in the last decade say that the utilities in your rental home will likely work properly - and be repairable should anything happen to go wrong. New fixtures installed well means a higher quality of life.

Tightly Fitted Doors and Windows

Check the doors and windows. If they are tightly sealed with fresh weatherstripping, you know the unit is better insulated than most and well taken care of.

Good Building Amenities

Always judge a rental home on the in-unit or nearby amenities. Is there a pool, fitness center, or a nice green lawn to play on? Gated secure garage? The right amenities for you will be influenced by your own lifestyle and preferences.

Friendly and Quiet Neighbors

Last but not least, take note of your neighbors if they appear. If your neighbors seem quiet or cool and friendly, you may have found a welcoming new apartment in Hialeah.

What makes an apartment good or bad? It all depends on whether you can feel safe and at home there. The best rental homes are well-maintained with attentive property managers and leasing offices ready to help you ensure a safe, enjoyable tenancy. The worst is the stuff of late-night scary stories.

Contact us today for the insight and information to make sure your next rental home is a truly good one where you can relax, feel safe, and rely on your property manager to answer the phone in an emergency.