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Renting Your Next Apartment? Why a Rental Community Might Be Better Than a Private Landlord

Why a Rental Community Might Be Better Than a Private Landlord

Renting Your Next Apartment?

Let’s look at some of the key advantages rental communities like Shoma Village have over private landlords and which might be your best bet for your next apartment in the Hialeah area.


You’ve made the decision to rent an apartment for your next move rather than buy a place. Smart choice, especially in today’s fluctuating housing market. But now comes the next question – should you rent from a community like Shoma Village or go with a private landlord?

There are pros and cons to both options, but rental communities often provide better support, more amenities, and greater transparency upfront. As a renter for over a decade now in South Florida, I’ve experienced both private and community renting firsthand. Ultimately for your money and peace of mind, a community can frequently be the smarter way to go.

Let’s look at some of the key advantages rental communities like Shoma Village have over private landlords and which might be your best bet for your next apartment in the Hialeah area.

Professional On-Site Maintenance

One major perk of large rental communities is the dedicated staff available on-site to support residents. At Shoma Village, there is professional management and maintenance crew ready to address any needs or issues. Just head to the leasing office or go to their app and put in a request and help is there.

With a private landlord, you might be dealing with just one person juggling multiple properties. Response can be slow and support very limited. At a community, you’ve got a team working 7 days a week to ensure residents are happy and buildings are functioning smoothly. Having access to that professional assistance provides greater reliability and peace of mind.

Defined Policies and Procedures

Renting privately can sometimes feel like the Wild West when problems come up. Without clearly defined policies, disagreements over financial and maintenance responsibilities often occur.

Communities like Shoma Village make all rules and regulations clear upfront in the lease. Things like guest policies, pool access rules, noise restrictions, etc. are spelled out in a standard contract. Responsibilities for maintenance and repairs are defined as well. This transparency ensures both tenants and owners follow set standards and procedures, limiting disputes.

Background Checks on All Renters

Private landlords frequently neglect to conduct comprehensive screenings of potential tenants before granting them rental agreements. This can lead to issues with problem residents that impact safety and community standards. Neighbors in a privately rented unit have no assurance about the backgrounds of fellow renters.

Rental communities screened every applicant to ensure they meet qualification standards. Background checks look for past criminal issues, evictions, and credit problems. While not perfect, this screenings does create some confidence that your neighbors meet basic requirements to rent in the community. The process limits more problematic prospects that could disrupt quality of living.

Top-of-the-Line Amenities and Living Facilities

Let’s face it – when renting an apartment, amenities matter! You want the nicest living experience possible for your budget. Private landlords often provide very bare-bones dwellings without much beyond the basics. Any amenities that might be offered tend to be extremely limited.

Modern rental communities invest heavily into creating luxury residences with tons of sought-after amenities. At Shoma Village, we’re talking resort-style swimming pools, fitness centers, playgrounds, tennis courts, and even a café serving Starbucks coffee. Within your apartment, you’ll enjoy features like granite countertops, air conditioning, appliances, hardwood floors, and more. The community experience and facilities create a lifestyle, not just a place to crash.

Social Events and Activities

Rental communities promote social connection and a sense of community among residents through special events and activities. Shoma Village, for example, hosts regular resident functions like pool parties, BBQs, kids’ activities, and more designed to bring neighbors together. The community atmosphere helps you get to know the people living around you and make friends – something unlikely in a privately rented room or home.

Potential Discounts and Specials

Great private apartments can be hard to find open at just the right time you need it housing. Communities often have units becoming available on an ongoing basis, see here our offers. So if you don’t need a place immediately, special move-in discounts and other leasing incentives may be offered. As a renter, who doesn’t love saving money! Private landlords rarely discount or offer specials since they have less availability fluctuation.

On-Site Property Management Staff

Having staff available on-site to provide assistance and support to residents is a key advantage of rental communities. At Shoma Village, property managers are based right in the community leasing office rather than located remotely. This allows quick response to maintenance requests, questions about policies or procedures, disputes with neighbors, and other rental issues that may come up. If a major issue like a plumbing leak arises, the capable staff is close at hand to address immediately. Compare that to desperately trying to get hold of a private landlord off-site to deal with an emergency. The community staff becomes your daily resource, not just a once-a-month visit to collect rent checks.

Family-Friendly Offerings

For those with kids, securing family-appropriate housing can pose added challenges. Rental communities cater to households of all types, including families and children. Floorplans accommodate multiple occupants with additional bathrooms, bedrooms etc. Kid-focused amenities like playgrounds, game rooms and youth events create a stimulating environment for children. Going the private rental route, family offerings are hit or miss based solely on the landlord’s particular property. Finding suitable family housing is streamlined through a rental community with dedicated family-centric amenities.

Pet Friendly Animal Policies

Trying to find private landlords willing to allow pets can be an epic struggle, especially for larger dog breeds. But for many households, ensuring dogs or cats can come too is an absolute necessity. Shoma Village offers custom pet friendly apartments where your fur babies are welcome. Specific animal size limitations, pet deposits and pet rents provide accommodation while also addressing concerns landlords may have. Private rentals rarely consider customized animal occupancy. But progressive rental communities design specialized pet plans so owning a dog or cat isn’t a barrier finding quality housing.

Community Living Has Its Benefits

As you weigh options for your next rental, take a close look at what professionally managed communities like Shoma Village have to offer. The dedicated support staff, wealth of amenities, community activities and transparency provided create not just an apartment but an lifestyle. Your housing dollars go further when bundled with recreational offerings and premium facilities private rentals rarely provide. Respectful neighbors, family inclusiveness and pet friendliness ensure welcoming surroundings for households of all types. While private rentals can offer their own set of benefits, the advantages provided by a rental community like Shoma Village in Hialeah, Florida, make it a compelling option for many. For those considering their next rental home, these factors are worth considering to make an informed and satisfying choice.