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Why Renting in Hialeah Is a Better Alternative to renting in Miami or Doral, Florida

Why Renting in Hialeah Is a Better

Alternative to renting in Miami or Doral, Florida

Why is Shoma village a great option to live in luxury at a price compared to other South Florida neighborhoods?


Miami or Doral, Florida, has the best amenities, businesses, and environment everyone looks for before moving to a city. The towns are home to about 500 companies and big businesses. It also attracts the attention of international buyers and is amongst the top 15 fastest-growing cities in the US.

However, the increasing rent rates in these areas attributed to high demand is seeing most people look for an alternative to renting in Miami. Hialeah is a family-oriented community with different nationalities, making it a good place to live and work.

Why is Shoma village a great option to live in luxury at a price compared to other South Florida neighborhoods?

Alternative Location close to Miami

There is good access to amenities in Hialeah, just like in Doral rentals. The schools in Hialeah are good and perform better than others. Depending on your preference and capabilities, you can enroll your kids in public or private schools. Moms with younger kids can also rely on the daycare centers around.

There are also good parks and playgrounds where kids or adults of Hialeah can spend quality time engaging in recreational activities. For example, as a family, you can spend some time at Babcock Park or Amella Aerhart Park few minutes from Shoma Village.

Good medical facilities are also available in Hialeah, where residents can seek medical attention or rush in case of an emergency.

The Population in Hialeah

Most people don't like the overpopulated areas, which makes them scramble for the available resources and opportunities. This is why you should consider moving to Hialeah as an alternative to Miami or Doral.

Hialeah is also a community of people of various nationalities who are proud of their culture and ethnicity with friendly families and neighborhoods. But a higher percentage of residents are Cuban and Cuban-Americans, who are about 73% of the population.


Another reason to rent in Hialeah is the security level compared to other areas in Miami. Remember, when looking for a place to rent or build a home, you have to be worried about your security to avoid investing in the wrong place. That's why you will love coming to Hialeah as an alternative to Miami, with a safety index of 52. This makes this area a safer place than 48% of cities in the USA.

Hialeah's crime rate is 12% lower than other nearby cities. When the crime rate is relatively low and the security level is good, you can invest in different businesses without fear of losing your investments.

Activities around the Hialeah

You will not get bored in this city as it hosts various events at different times. You and your family can attend Santa's Snow Blast where you can find lots of fun for all the family.

The Mae M. Walters elementary school community garden also provides everyone a chance to grow fresh veggies, encouraging community participation and interaction. You can also go to any entertainment joint around to have fun in your free time.

Employment Opportunities in Hialeah

Hialeah, an American industrial city, is one of the largest employment areas with good economic development and has more employers that see most residents employed. So, you will get an employment opportunity in Hialeah to improve your income level.

Several stores' restaurants and retail shops in Hialeah offer employment opportunities for professionals and service providers. You can also work from different malls, the Flea market, or government offices.

Business Opportunities in Hialeah

You should consider living in Hialeah instead of Brickell rental because of the available business opportunities. You can invest in the service industry and make good returns as an investor. You can sell fresh farm produce from the farmer's market or beauty products and make good money.

You can also venture into recreational services like water sports facilities, where people can relax during holidays or long days after work.

Good Transportation System

You will also not struggle to move from one place to another within Hialeah because it has a transportation system. You can use the roads, which makes you spend less time anywhere you want to go. You can also rely on Miami international airport to reach your destination. The Miami Metrorail and Tri-rail transfer stations also come in handy. But if you prefer the bus to the train, the city has transit buses plying all over the city for easy commuting.


There is a cool environment with new apartments at affordable rates. Real estate investors are building luxurious apartments within this city, with the Shoma village making headlights in this area.

Renting in Hialeah has a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of. The city is growing rapidly, and there are many things to do here. It's no doubt a better alternative than renting in Miami or Doral in Florida. Shoma Village offers you the best options when it comes to renting in Hialeah. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for apartments in Hialeah today!