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Why Shoma Village is the TOP Rental Community in Hialeah!

Why Shoma Village is the

TOP Rental Community in Hialeah!

When looking for a new place to live or spend vacations, we will highlight why you should rent in Hialeah.


Homes available for rent are versatile enough to serve as vacation homes or even places to raise a family. And if you have been thinking about moving to Florida, you should investigate the new rental apartments that Shoma Village has available in Hialeah. When looking for a new place to live or spend vacations, we will highlight why you should rent in Hialeah.

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Spectacular Spaces

The community of Shoma Village is a rental community in Hialeah that consists of two 8-story complexes with 304 units, ranging in size from big studios to apartments with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. One of these wonderful new buildings is the recently opened rentals in Hialeah.

Inside your brand-new establishment, you are surrounded by a variety of surfaces that are aesthetically cohesive with one another. The areas have been carefully created, and as a result, they are flooded with sophisticated natural light and offer breathtaking views over the surrounding neighborhood. This is an old-fashioned luxury that has been updated to suit contemporary living.

Tech-Innovative apartment Features

You'll find that some of today's most desirable places to live are in establishments that have been outfitted with modern, technologically advanced amenities included in the structures themselves. The rentals in Hialeah include these in the design.

A fingerprint reader, keyless entry, digital thermostats, walk-in master closets, beautiful finishes, and sophisticated wood-style floors are among the elements that come together to provide an extraordinary escape from the everyday.

Great Security

Although the rate of violent crime in Hialeah is relatively low, public safety still needs to be mentioned. This issue has been addressed by the development of the installation of security cameras at various places across the site and the establishment of a system that demands a fingerprint in order to enter your property.

Residents are also allowed to customize their living quarters by installing their own one-of-a-kind intelligent doorbells and other types of security devices. This makes it more difficult for robbers and thieves to break in.

On-site Amenities Available

Every unit will be equipped with a garage that is gated, enclosed, and surrounded by fencing. In addition to that, there is a charging station for electric automobiles available here, which is excellent news for households that already own hybrid vehicles.

In addition, the home courtyard features a sizable lounge area where you and your visitors can relax and pass time. You may host get-together, or your children could use the opportunity to swim in the pool.

You can also unwind in the two-story clubrooms, which feature a lounge area with chairs, access to both kitchens, a pool table, and two additional LED TVs that look like theater screens. Residents also have access to a sizable barbecue area and an open-air kitchen with a gazebo for having a meal.

For the furry family members, there is a dog park where your dogs can enjoy unleashed movement and get some exercise.

Proximity to Transportation

Being less than 3.7 kilometers away from the Hialeah rental property, Shoma Village enjoys the convenience of being near the Metrorail Station. In addition, after driving the 4.9 miles that separate it from the property, it is possible to reach Miami International Airport within 13 minutes by car.

People looking for a vacation house will find this to be an ideal situation because they will be able to avoid the stressful commute typically required when traveling between residences located a significant distance from airports and railway stations.

The accessibility of public transportation makes it simpler for you to visit the towns in the surrounding area if you find yourself interested in doing so.

Proximity to Educational Facilities

Parents with kids of any age can rent in Hialeah because educational facilities are also nearby the establishment.

Families with younger children are lucky since Shoma Village is located close to a selection of public and private schools. The Hialeah Elementary School is open to children in kindergarten through fifth grade and has earned a reputation for being one of Florida's most academically prestigious public elementary institutions.

The Miami Springs Middle School is available for students in grades 6 through 8, whereas the Miami Springs Senior High School accepts applications from students who wish to attend a public secondary school.

And suppose you would want your kids to go to a private school; the First Baptist School, it’s a Small World Learning Center, and St. John the Apostle School are the three options available to these families.

The property is only 4.6 miles away from Florida National College for higher education institutions, which can be reached in only 10 minutes. Shoma Village and the Miami Dade College are located within the same general area, making it easy for residents to attend either institution.

The Weather is Great, and the People are Friendly

The Shoma village is a bustling neighborhood with a very friendly and amicable Latin community. The neighborhood is full of cultural celebrations, great music, food, and quality family time. With such neighbors around you, living in the rentals in Hialeah is never boring.

The weather here is also spectacular. It is mostly sunny and mildly warm, perfect for outdoor events. It is the best weather for family and friends' barbecue parties that you will love.

Bottom line

If you are looking to rent in Hialeah, your search is over! The Shoma Village agents provide residents with a selection of floor plans that range from small to large and are thoughtfully constructed.

The neighborhood is ideal for anyone looking for a modern way of life because it provides first-rate conveniences and a diverse selection of things to do to always keep one occupied. It is great for families and even single individuals.

Visit us, and we'll show you the many reasons why Hialeah is the best spot to rent an apartment.