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Is Hialeah a Good Place to Live & Rent?

Is Hialeah a Good Place to

Live & Rent?

Have you considered Hialeah as your next home? Here are some reasons why you should look for apartments for rent in Hialeah


Hialeah is a dynamic, family-oriented community marked by cultural heritage and traditions. It’s a great place to live surrounded by many Latin-American nationalities and cultures. Hialeah’s vibrant community is viewed as an American industrial city that continues to grow and currently is the sixth-largest city in Florida. Definitely a great place to consider looking for apartments for rent in Hialeah.

Demographics in Hialeah

When considering whether to move to an area, you want to know who your neighbors will potentially be. The demographics are looked at as a potential indicator of just how neighborly the area is. At present, the total population stands at 235,000 and has the highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban American residents of any city in the USA, which is around 73%.

Hialeah's Safety Index

Hialeah has a safety index of 52 which makes it safer than 48% of other cities within the USA. With an overall crime rate of 12%, the city's crime rate is way below what we see in other cities. Notably, the crime rate within the city has been steadily decreasing for the better part of the decade.



Amenities in Hialeah

While the quality of amenities is entirely subjective, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to state that the city has well-maintained amenities.

For renters in Hialeah with children, Hialeah schools score competitively when compared to the rest. Note that if you want to enroll your child in a highly rated public school, you must look for housing in the zip code that pertains to the school of your preference and have in mind that there’s more demand in those neighborhoods. Schools you could consider include Meadowlane Elementary, Joella Good Elementary, Jose Marti Academy, and Imater Preparatory.

For renters with small children, there are plenty of daycare centers that are nearby. Parents and caregivers can check out: the Garden of kids, Jiny’s, Bambi Land Day Care Center, and many more.

There are a couple of parks and playgrounds near Hialeah that have fantastic recreational facilities for both kids and adults. For instance, a few minutes from the city center, you have the Miami Lakes Optimist Park, Sparks Park, and Amelia Earhart Park.

In the event of medical emergencies, residents have the option of RitaCare Urgent center, MD Now Urgent Center, Mount Sinai Primary & Specialty Care, and many more which are all near the major Hialeah neighborhoods.

Living in Hialeah

Overall, Hialeah is a great place to look for apartments for rent, it has a great location with proximity to all cities in Miami-Dade and has a very family-oriented and hardworking community ready to welcome you to their neighborhood.